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Because a whole lot is much better and has now recently been eventually left so that you can utilized without the need of adversity.

Where is the BSI when you need it? There are probably only transatlantic workers involved.

No, if we are being spied on by our “friends”. Because we have such a trusting relationship with them. Enercon – already forgotten?

I’ll only believe that when I see it. We want to see that the “base” prevails among the Greens and then, on this fundamental issue, a UBI and not a self-defined “guarantee” or “citizen’s money” or blah, the main thing is not UBI. Think of this as a PR stunt.

By the way, there is also the concept of free culture (reducing expenses instead of increasing income, e.g. free public transport) What about that?

They did not transform into a no longer neoliberal party overnight, in which the exploitation of the masses is the central concept.

The churches may lose their members, but the faith seems to be increasing, as does the distrust of all who do not belong to their own religious community.

Belief not only classically defined in terms of religion, but also belief in the market and in conspiracy tales. There is nothing to be done with arguments and verifiable figures.

New Europe, as Rumsfeld said, when Eastern Europe gave up the model students in the “coalition of the willing”. Then just use the old one. But even then, greed (EU empire, new markets, low wages) was, as usual in the neo-liberal religious community, greater than reason. Disdain for the rule of law had long been widespread in Eastern Europe. That doesn’t mean that everything is fine in the West. (NSU, WireCard, CumEx, State Trojans …)

In any case, it’s a great experience for EU bodies. Too bad that, as with the “rescue” of Greece, they cannot simply vote until the result is right and if not, simply ignore it.

You can keep lowering the standards, of course. After the party donation affair, Schäuble was also Minister of Finance, and Kohl was Federal Chancellor on his honor. Apparently none of this is an issue.

But don’t be surprised if more and more people classify the ruling classes as corrupt fraudsters who regularly ensure that different rules apply to their caste than to the rest.

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