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Due to the fact lots have been greater and contains also been eventually left so that you can be taken without adversity.

It’s the same strategy as Juncker once described for his EU: “We decide something, then put it in the air and wait a while to see what happens. If there is no great outcry and no uprisings, because most of them don’t understand what was decided, then we carry on – step by step, until there is no turning back. ” Source:…nt/d-15317086.html

Hence: Dream on, organic industry. They don’t just want to play. They make you superfluous. The few hardcore ecos who are boycotting Amazon cannot save you because then you will no longer exist.

fefe has summarized the full responsibility of politics on meedia, the article has already been linked in a comment. It’s nice that the Poiltkaste is finally affected by its measures.

Nothing will change anyway, because that would mean no longer holding all the gates wide open to data capitalism (like the other) and also tearing down several walls.

On the contrary, we will see further upgrading of authorities, expansion of their powers, but still no measures with regard to defensive IT security, data protection and protection of privacy that will benefit end users. And that’s on purpose.

Phew Is that the independent quality journalism? Do you two ever work for the government spokespersons in case the Greens, contrary to expectations, should make it to the Chancellery at some point?

This is not the first article in the style and another low point. You don’t have to defend the light.

How you as a green environment minister don’t know or do anything for a year when inexplicably plastic particles end up in a river, that would have been worth an article.

I read this as a message to his business buddies. Because the “good time” was mainly a good time for them. Unfortunately, before 40% of the people vote to the right and the rest of them vote, you may not be able to avoid doing something for the electorate. As if there were:

– get the public infrastructure back to a level that corresponds to a country with this wealth and these possibilities: roads, railways, schools, water supply, garbage

– Present a viable pension concept that does not, as has long been the case, transfer the burden to the weakest and still fool them.

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