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In the midst of the Corona crisis, the first harvest workers will be flown to Germany on Thursday. There are workers with special flights from the Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings. How many people will be on the planes was not initially known. The helpers are urgently needed for the asparagus harvest, among other things. Romania allows seasonal workers to leave the country by plane despite the Corona crisis. Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) and Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) agreed last Thursday to fly 80,000 foreign seasonal workers to Germany under strict conditions.

In the fight against the corona pandemic, the European Union is making more than 20 billion euros available to countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Balkans. This was announced by the EU foreign affairs representative Josep Borrell after a video conference of the EU foreign and development aid ministers. “The global pandemic can only be overcome globally. It will not be defeated anywhere if it is not defeated everywhere,” emphasizes Borrell.

Italy reports 542 (previous day 604) new deaths from the corona virus. That is the second lowest increase in almost three weeks, as the civil defense announced in Rome. The country now has a total of 17,669 corona victims, making Italy the country with the most deaths in the corona crisis worldwide.

In the UK, the Department of Health announced an increase in the number of deaths by 938 to 7097. More fatalities than any other day. According to the information, 60,733 infections have now been confirmed.

The start of the season for Bavarian sea shipping has been postponed due to the corona crisis. There is no new point in time yet. This was announced by the Bavarian shipping company. According to the timetable, the season on Lake Ammersee and Lake Starnberg should actually have started on the coming Easter Sunday. It is now certain that there will be no ship until April 19th. On request, Marcus Weißbecker from Bavarian Seenschifffahrt informed the BR that private ship bookings for weddings, clubs or birthdays had been canceled up to and including May 30th.

The Ostallgäu district office reports six corona deaths in a senior citizen and nursing home in Waal. Waal lies between Landsberg and Buchloe. The deceased are five residents between the ages of 47 and 99 who have suffered from serious previous illnesses, as well as an employee of the home. Two employees and twelve residents are currently receiving inpatient treatment. In the home itself, an isolation ward was set up immediately after the first cases became known, in which sick residents were cared for. According to the district office, a total of 36 residents and 17 employees tested positive for the corona virus.

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