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Mainly because a lot continues to be improved and possesses been remaining so that you can be used with no adversity.

I can do without arrogant sayings like “You don’t always have to be against everything”. We are not children of defiance. That is in a league with Schröder’s “Basta” and Künast’s “Rehabilitation of Pirates”. Ramona Pop’s career on the way up is of no interest at all, but the many people affected by it, who will still pay for this neoliberal transatlantic policy when Ms. Pop and her clientele have long since left their flocks in the dry.

The linked article claims that the traditional auto industry cannot adapt to the drastically reduced supply chain that quickly and easily, even if it wanted to. That they dragged off the development for far too long, drove politics ahead of them, cut down excessively on bosses’ salaries, cheated on pollutants and are now trying to sit out the damages, of course. They should be rounded. And anyway prefer to create / improve compatible mobility.

Modern colonialism – in Africa there are many projects from countries on other continents that make it difficult or impossible to build a local economy. Even if no people are abducted / killed, this is much more elegant today, but there are characteristic features, even if the power gap between the countries is small:

To create facts that make the affected country (further) dependent. This is still difficult to see in this case. Amazon also started out as an online bookstore.

Extracting wealth from a country for little consideration. The big US corporations make billions in profits here and pay almost no taxes. Why should it be any different at Tesla?

Different legal weight. So far, this has mostly affected the digital corporations that export their (US) law. G10. Merkel’s cell phone bugging affair. VW and Deutsche Bank, for example, were fined heavily for illegal activities in the USA.

At the time that was probably one of the few disruptive actions that were able to bring the Gigafactory project back onto the agenda, which is meanwhile being pulled through with full steam by industry and politics, apparently a fait accompli as quickly as possible and a fundamental discussion about meaning and Consequences of this major project can be prevented. It does not matter whether the forest is not a real forest.

Should the activists have occupied a lake instead to draw attention to the still unsolved water problem?

Or chain yourself to a power pole to point out that Tesla is years ahead of traditional car manufacturers with its control electronics, that it manufactures these electronics itself and therefore does not need any suppliers? This is great for a new car manufacturer, but a huge problem for traditional ones. D.

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