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Mainly because considerably have been better and has now already been remaining for you to be used without the need of adversity.

The virus flawlessly implements the concept of globalization, humanity does not, and that is our disadvantage in this situation. Why don’t we cooperate worldwide without ideological blinkers and exchange our experiences and resources? That doesn’t even work with friends. Instead, just the same egoism, which is now anchored as a basic principle on all levels. Too many see that they are still making a profit from the crisis, pushing their agenda forward and setting new courses in the confusion to their advantage. The 9 billion for Lufthansa would have been more important in many other areas.

People who can now set the course have a) a great responsibility from which we should b) not release them. Now is the wrong time for political antics, self-expression or self-enrichment. And c) it’s time to make a few clear announcements in your own environment, where necessary.

As usual, privileges for religious associations. There were certainly more than enough whisperers who told politicians to let go and put us out of the game if you restrict. And the political caste, clearly not an issue, otherwise we also play the balls to each other. We routinely do this silently.

There is no difference between mass gatherings of a religious and non-religious nature in terms of the impact in the pandemic. So either the same rules for all or some have the better lobby.

Not only do religious associations now enjoy special rights as usual, but they are part of the problem. In the case of church-based corporations (at least a third of all providers in the clinic and care sector), the recently negotiated improvements in collective agreements for care staff _not_ apply. Not to mention the shitty working conditions, which were not improved during the campaign and are one of the reasons for the care shortage.

The fact that we _all_ (believing or not) now have the situation that some intensive care beds are still available, but no more nursing staff, which means that the intensive care beds are pointless, is due in large part to the fact that the “non-profit”, tax-exempt church sponsors have it Do not consider it necessary to comply with their own advertising brochures and their oh-so-great Christian values, without which society supposedly would have none, and to apply the concept of charity to their nursing staff first. No, that really goes too far, you can’t interpret it that way. Yes, you can. Simply measured by your own standards, I don’t expect anything else from private sponsors, because they clearly state that we are only concerned with the coal.

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