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Together with the Center for Sustainable Local Development in Bavaria, the ZSK is organizing the forum “Climate Protection and Green Infrastructure in the City” at the 3rd sustainability conference “Acting for Change! Strengthening Sustainable Development at Local Level” on September 24, 2019 in Fürth. Look forward to lectures and discussions by and with experts and ZSK representatives Prof. Dr. Stephan Pauleit, Prof. Dr. Thomas Rötzer, Dr. Dieter Mahsberg and Dr. Astrid Reischl.

What are the most urgent challenges that EU-funded research and innovation projects should face in the future? What are the main scientific, technological, economic and societal goals that you should address? The European Commission is asking for your opinion.

Since July 9, it has been possible to submit applications in four topics of the “Cross-Cutting Activities” 2020 work program on battery storage via the Funding & Tender Opportunities portal.

Innovative, climate-neutral technologies are ready for the market and can make a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions in the European transport sector.

Politicians must set the course for industry and create stable framework conditions for climate-friendly innovations and investments in the European transport sector.

After a project duration of 30 months, the EU project “S3-4AlpClusters”, funded by the European Commission through the Interreg Alpine Space funding program, ended in April 2019. The project examined how cluster structures in the respective Alpine countries can support the regional innovation strategies of the governments in the Alpine region. The Bavarian Research Alliance was actively involved in all project activities as a partner in S3-4AlpClusters.

From September 8th to 13th, 2019, the Bavarian State Minister for Digital, Ms. Judith Gerlach, visited the high-tech locations in Montréal and Toronto.

In addition to the ongoing cooperation of partners with the appropriate expertise within the group, an overarching workshop is held at regular intervals specifically to safeguard the mobile systems and the use cases addressed in the research project (including order picking, pre-assembly during the journey and final assembly in the team).

The first interim assessment of our research network took place on February 6th. Experts and representatives from the Bavarian Research Foundation were invited to evaluate the work of the group to date.

Finally in July the time had come and the integration of the Yaskawa HC 10 on the Grenzebach platform was completed.

The second interim assessment of our research network FORobotics took place on February 21. Just like last year, the day began with the welcome by the Bavarian Research Foundation and the presentation of the association by the spokesman, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reinhart. Then the individual sub-projects and their previous results were presented.

On July 4th, the FORobotics conference on mobile robotics took place for the first time at the IHK Schwaben in Augsburg.

Proceedings of the Control, Automation and Systems (ICCAS), 2017 17th International Conference on, Jeju 2017.

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