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Since a lot has become far better and it has been kept in order to be taken without having adversity.

This system does not scale. It only seems that way because under capitalism new areas for exploitation (have to be) constantly opened up. The most recent form is data capitalism. It is not a sustainable system, just a system of rule of the haves.

But when global resources are exhausted, it’s over for good. At least we can then say: “We were there”.

If you interpret the article in a hateful way, it’s about writing down a movement that you don’t participate in, that has achieved more than taz and BUND and Nabu and Greenpeace and Greens put together, and whose goals you have been so emphatic about yourself for 20 years should have followed – when Rotgrün was still in power and was essentially looking out the window. So now there is free riding with a climate site every Friday. Sensational.

For example, where is the report on the campaigns of the Climate Youth (Switzerland), where activists played tennis in branches of Credit Suisse in order to get Roger Federer on their side as a popular figure, who promotes Credit Suisse but invests in climate-damaging projects ?

As a result, there was a historic judgment because the activists complained about trespassing, represented in the proceedings by 13 top lawyers on a voluntary basis and were then acquitted on the grounds: “In view of the impending climate emergency that has already been established, your action is necessary and” appropriate “was”. A few more judgments of this kind, and “civil disobedience” due to a climate emergency has been redefined – which opens up further great opportunities for action.

Why do we only read that in the NZZ…-die-cs-ld.1533565 and not in the taz, which instead offers BILD-newspaper-compatible opinion-making on the topic of the climate movement?

It would be nice if it were not just about symbolic politics again, depending on your discretion and power level. Because this is about fundamental questions.

One of them is: Is anti-Semitism combated consistently and consistently, also throughout history? If so, not only reliefs are due, but lots of historical texts and authors and, as the icing on the cake, Luther as the founder of the Evangelical Church. That will be exciting, there are sure to be verbose explanations why Luther was not an anti-Semite blabla. I rather suspect that everything will remain as it was before, norms, laws and value systems only apply to the masses and as the rulers like – the Protestant church (still) belongs to the rulers. And the Catholic Church wouldn’t fare well either.

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