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4:21 p.m. After the corona-related compulsory break for cruise ships, the industry is gradually preparing for passenger trips again. On Saturday, two cruise ships of the shipping company Aida Cruises arrived at the overseas port in Rostock-Warnemünde – but still without passengers. The two cruise ships and the crew are now being prepared for the first departures since the beginning of the Corona crisis. With passengers on board, the shipping company’s ships are scheduled to start short cruises without going ashore in August. According to the spokesman, between 500 and 800 people will work on the two Aida ships and the first tours will be offered with a capacity utilization of around 50 percent. Several three to four day short trips are planned until the end of August. (dpa)

3:35 p.m. In the EU dispute over the development program after the Corona crisis, Council Chairman Charles Michel has proposed a cut in grants by 50 billion euros, according to diplomats. Accordingly, of the total of 750 billion euros, only 450 billion euros are now to be granted as grants and 300 billion euros as loans. The new proposal is intended to bring movement into the negotiations, which were completely stalled after the first day of the special summit of EU heads of state and government on Friday. (dpa)

2:49 pm What’s next in the cinema in general and in the cinema in the region in particular? The good news: something is moving, things continue. The not-so-good ones: There are many unanswered questions and corona-related restrictions. One after the other: The Urach Summer Open Air starts on August 1st. For 15 days, the Stadtjugendring, in cooperation with the cultural department in the castle courtyard, will be showing a selection of films that have done particularly well in the past year. The same equipment continues in the Reutlingen Spitalhof from August 18th to 30th. (and)

1:56 p.m. Standing together during the break, with or without sparkling wine, and chatting about what has been heard or seen before, that won’t happen in the Reutlingen town hall for the time being. Even if events with 250 or – from August 1st – 500 visitors are possible again. As long as a 1.50 meter safety distance must be maintained, the foyers are simply too small for this. That is why the Stadthallen-GmbH is planning a new start without breaks and catering. Read more about it here. (rh / akr)

1:15 p.m. In the Corona crisis, many bank customers visit branches less often than before.

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