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Since a whole lot may be far better and has ended up kept in order to be utilized devoid of adversity.

What is the best way to express dissatisfaction with insane circumstances these days? FfF engagement? Not bad at all. Vote for AfD? That hits you. Not that they are the only party to act in the interests of their electorate, far from it. They are just as neoliberal shit and loyal to NATO, just as indifferent to the needs of their voters as the rest of them. And they cultivate the right wing image because that guarantees maximum attention and protest.

But the established parties are threatened by this and that alone makes things possible that were previously thought to be unthinkable. The rent cap in Berlin is not coming because there have been umpteen initiatives that have brought squatting and expropriation into play. Something like that is routinely regulated with the police or the Bild newspaper. It comes from the knowledge of the political scene that there are enough people who can do it, and that by, and rightly so.

And when you’re ready, you “choose” Mother Theresa or Hulk, just to send a signal to the permanently ignoring lobby bigwigs.

The political scene continues to try, of course, as little as possible to end speculation with housing, after all it is first and foremost obliged to the owners.

PS Something to the right of the PARTY is out of the question for me, in case that interests me. But understandable if others handle it more flexibly.

Finest cream, for example, “You give those you call cosmopolitan elites or left-wing liberal milieu complicity in the rise of right-wing populism.”

Translated: I tackle your made-up labels with sharp fingers, knowing full well that they are not made-up labels and that they fully apply to me and then interpret the statement on the here (as so often) inappropriate and rather silly level of guilt.

Then the answer: “I would not want to speak of guilt. I am describing a social conflict without making an assessment. The cosmopolitans have the self-image of being inclusive, but at the same time have achieved a historically almost unmatched level of exclusivity.”

What exactly was not to be understood in the sociologist’s last sentence? It is short, precise and brutally honest and describes the entire misery of this group and the entire pending biotope.

The demand signals to me the refusal to get involved in the thought, and possibly also interview tactics – let’s pretend to be stupid, maybe it loses the thread or brings something irrelevant to which I can then distract. 0: 2

But that doesn’t happen, on the contrary. Ms. Kopetsch remains on point and continues to provide conclusive reasons and connections. Instead of finally getting involved in the content, the editor becomes personal – you are also part of the clique.

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