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The prices of the tickets do not rise so drastically because of the greed of the cinema operators. Because the running costs that these have to cover are increasing continuously. So they have to pay very high fees to the film studios. Because they are responsible, among other things, for the production of the films, the payment of the film stars and marketing. But new technologies, such as the switch to digital presentations, 3D films or the particularly high image resolution HFR (High Frame Rate) are also driving up prices. Not to be forgotten are current expenses for electricity, Gema fees, cinema staff and much more. These amounts are also increasing annually. In order not to be left with these costs, the operators have to come up with something. Because a constant price increase for tickets is not feasible if a high number of visitors is to be attracted to the cinemas. That is why going to the cinema should be an experience for film lovers. With additional offers – especially from the gastronomic sector – people should be lured from their home cinemas into the public cinemas. Instead of popcorn, cola and narrow spaces, some cinemas trump with waiters who bring cocktails and sushi to the place and enough legroom and hope to be able to inspire former cinema fans to visit again.

Setting up your own website is easier than ever today. It is used both for business appearances and as a private blog on all imaginable topics. To set up your own website, you don’t necessarily have to be familiar with programming. Nevertheless, there are a few things to consider.

If you want to create your own homepage, you usually already have an idea in mind of what content you want to fill it with. Whether an online shop, a travel blog or an informative company presence for the self-employed: In addition to the topic, there is usually the choice of the right web hosting at the beginning of the project. Depending on the planned scale of the project, there are different offers to choose from. A web host for an appealing web presence is z.

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